Week 13

PHP and MySQL Notification System One thought I had recently was that with some of the planned features, like the CRON jobs, it would be useful for there to be user notifications, prompting the user to look at the report/result of the CRON job and take action from it. While I don’t yet know the… Continue reading Week 13

Week 12

PHP PDF Generation One of the features that I would like to implement as part of my proposed project, is PDF generation from within PHP. For the subject of the project, Industrial Instruments, this would be applied to create the calibration certificates. There seem to be two main ways of generating PDFs with PHP: The first… Continue reading Week 12

Week 11

Role Based Access Control System A role-based access control system (RBAC) is a way of controlling an authorised users’ access to functions or resources based on their authority or responsibility within the business. In the context of a PHP system, this is often driving by a mixture of a MySQL DB and some managing PHP… Continue reading Week 11

Week 10

PHP Database Audit Log One concept that I came across recently was that of an audit trail, also known as an audit log – the concept of having additional table/s in the database that store information on who has accessed the database, when they accessed it and what interactions they had with what tables, including any… Continue reading Week 10

Week 9

The Abstract What the topic is: The abstract does describe what the paper is about – in this case the growth of eSports/Streamed Gaming and its associated viewership/community in relation to the introduction of IPTV. What research was conducted: The abstract does not detail what research was undertaken. What was concluded: The abstract does briefly state… Continue reading Week 9

Week 8

What is MVC Model-View-Controller is a software architectural pattern. It was originally designed for use in computer applications as a means of implementing user interfaces but has increasingly been used in web applications. Several languages implement MVC pattern, and several MVC frameworks exist too, built in Java, C#, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET and PHP. The first… Continue reading Week 8

Week 7

For this week’s blog, we have to go through the searching exercise, to try and find two academic IT articles. Similar to last weeks activity, we have to detail the resources we find, only in greater detail. Before we start finding our two academic papers, we had to check and see if any of our… Continue reading Week 7